Cold reduction mills on the premises

With cold reduction mills on the premises, we manufacture strip quality material with thickness tolerances to plus or minus .0005 on carbon, stainless and aluminum steel in any of the commercially available tempers and finishes. Our in-house cold reduction mills enables us to offer strip quality capabilities in close tolerance of thickness, temper and finish.

Waterbury Farrel® 2-Hi/4-Hi Combination Mills may be converted by the removal or insertion of work rolls. This permits great versatility of rolling capability on the same mill. When production requirements are relatively small, a single mill of this type can be used for breakdown, rundown and finish rolling. When it comes to delivering your product to you, Maas Hansen Steel has their own fleet of trucks for your convenience and quick on time delivery.

Your Steel Solution

We’re more than a steel and metal supplier, we give you quick solutions that save you money and help manufacturing overall.


You need answers quickly, and we’re ready to help you with quick turnarounds on quotes. We’ll start this partnership on the right footing with premium customer service that reflects the high-quality product we’ve produced for over 90 years.


Ready to get your manufacturing underway or meet a tight deadline? Once your account is set up, we can guarantee next-day delivery and sometimes same-day if necessary. Our expert staff works quickly and efficiently to keep you on track.


With a minimum order amount of $500 for delivery, we can get started right away on your project and meet your manufacturing deadlines.



Steel sheet cut to the length right when you need it


Receive slit coil at your custom width with quick turnaround time


Our high-quality steel, available in the exact dimensions and quantity you need.


Accurate, reliable, and solution-minded steel shearing.


Our Tishken edgers can produce your desired finish edge of either a contoured, round or square edge

PVC Applicator Table

Capable of applying temporary protective film to metal sheet

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